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Carolina Beach approved a resolution to change the speed limit on Lake Park Boulevard to 35 mph as drivers cross into the town, but now there is talk of lowering it yet again (Port City Daily photo/FILE)

CAROLINA BEACH — It’s only been a little more than one year since the Town of Carolina Beach voted to reduce the speed limit on Lake Park Boulevard to aid golf carts hoping to traverse the road — now, Mayor of Carolina Beach Joe Benson is suggesting a further reduction of speed on the road.

In an email to Town Manager Lucky Narain, Benson lists a number of items he would like to discuss with the North Carolina Department of Transportation and consider partnering with.

The first of which would be the reduction of speed on Lake Park Boulevard to 25 miles per hour.

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In his email, Benson states, “Reduction of speed limit on [the] entire stretch of Lake Park Blvd to 25mph. Why? It supports my personal slogan for the Town of CB: “Slow down…you’re already here.” I believe business owners on NLP will appreciate a few more seconds of eye contact. Golf carts suddenly transit Lake Path–both North and South.”

It is worth noting that these changes could not take place without the consent of the NCDOT, which might not be easy to get.

In 2017 when the town approved the change from 45 mph to 35 mph it already faced resistance from the state. The change was not recommended by the NCDOT to lower the speed limit for those crossing Snows Cut Bridge because drivers already were exceeding the 45 mph speed limit.

However, the NCDOT would allow the change providing the town agreed to enforce the new speed limit and required a resolution from the town stating it supported the lower speed limit.

Similarly, the town had requested speed limit reductions to Dow Road but the NCDOT refused to allow it.

This was only a discussion item Benson had suggested to the town manager, and was not binding or definitive. If Town Council did want to change the speed limits it would likely be up to the NCDOT and go through a public hearing process.

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