Doughnuts, beer, and pigs: Carolina Beach approves alcohol request for Wake N Bake, denies pig…

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Wake N Bake is on its way to serving alcohol infused pastries and different pairings after the Town Council approved a Conditional Use Permit (Port City Daily/Courtesy Wake N Bake)

CAROLINA BEACH — Good news for those who enjoy pet pigs and beer with their doughnuts in Carolina Beach: the Town Council voted unanimously to deny a proposed amendment to town codes that would have banned all pigs as pets and approved a permit that will allow doughnut shop Wake N Bake to serve alcohol.

On Monday evening, Council met to discuss the items.

The first was a conditional use permit that allows Wake N Bake to serve alcohol to allow for alcohol and beer doughnut pairings, as well as to serve alcohol-infused donuts. Prior to the approval, Wake N Bake was considered a restaurant; now it has to meet all the requirements of a bar.

“Bars which because of their nature may have serious adverse secondary impacts and are therefore required to meet the minimum separation requirements to be 200 feet of an established church or school and 200 feet of any residential district,” according to the request.

The Town Council did have some questions for the applicants, one of which was why would a doughnut shop want to serve alcohol?

Daniel Tangredi of Wake N Bake said, “It’s a growing trend with doughnut shops across the country … pairings are very popular amongst pastry and deserts, there are a lot of events centered around alcohol and sugary desserts.”

The store will still have to face state approval in order to serve alcohol but passed the first hurdle of getting the conditional use permit.

Proposed pig prohibition

The Town of Carolina Beach will vote on a proposed change to town code that would prohibit pet pigs (Port City Daily/File)The Town of Carolina Beach will vote on a proposed change to town code that would prohibit pet pigs (Port City Daily/File)

The other item of discussion Monday evening was a proposed ban on all pet pigs within town limits.

The town had received a complaint earlier this year from a landlord who had a problem with a tenant keeping pet pigs — but according to town code, Vietnamese miniature pigs are permitted pets.

Town staff drafted an amendment to the town’s code that would have stricken the allowance of pot-bellied pigs to prevent further issues, but the Town Council felt like the complaints of one individual was enough to restrict island residents.

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One resident spoke in favor of pigs, with one named Rudy already living comfortably in the beach town, contrasting the opinion of the town’s Planning and Zoning Board which voted unanimously to ban the pot-bellied pets from town limits.

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