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Crosswalks, signals, and more, Carolina Beach discusses possible safety improvements with…

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The intersection of Winner Avenue and Lake Park Boulevard is one area of concern for the Town of Carolina Beach (Port City Daily/Google)

CAROLINA BEACH — The Town of Carolina Beach is always looking for ways to improve traffic and ensure pedestrian safety for residents and visitors, but adding things like new crosswalks, traffic signals, bike lanes, and more require two things: support from the North Carolina Department of Transportation — and money.

That’s why town staff has been working with the NCDOT to try and find ways to improve the town’s situation at several different locations.

On Monday, Brian Stanberry of the town’s operations department gave Town Council a rundown of current ‘wants’ from the town and the NCDOT’s responses to them.

The first of the several requests was for a crosswalk at Lake Park Boulevard and the new Publix grocery store access (the former location of the Federal Point Shopping Center).

Stanberry said that NCDOT was supportive of the idea, however, there was no funding available for the project, however, the town could fund it on their own. Stanberry did not have an estimated price tag for the projects at the time but could get some numbers at a future time.

Councilwoman LeAnn Pierce suggested the possibility of Publix partnering with the town in providing the upgrade.

Lake Park Boulevard and Winner Avenue

The intersection of Lake Park and Winner is one that has seen several incidents in the past and the town was proposing the installation of a traffic signal or a crosswalk — but NCDOT was resistant to the idea.

“The DOT  response is pretty concrete at this point, they are saying ‘no we are not open to a crosswalk at this point because there is not a pedestrian thoroughfare,’” Stanberry said.

Essentially, since there is no sidewalk the DOT is not open to the idea of a sidewalk, but council members balked at the resistance since there are several businesses at the intersection that have plenty of walking-customers, including a bar and arcade.

Other projects proposed include the following:

Lake Park Blvd. & Hamlet Ave

  • Proposed/Discussed:
    • Overhanging crosswalk sign on overhead line
    • Collapsible bollards on centerline
    • Double mounting of beacons & sign
  • DOT Response:
    • Not opposed to either; Town would maintain
    • Would support traffic signal based on analysis; developing cost estimate; no funding at present; will assist in seeking funds
    • Supportive of double mounting; will need Encroachment Agreement Status:
    • Awaiting estimate; considering funding strategies
  • Encroachment request in process

    Lake Park Blvd. & Atlanta Ave.

  • Proposed/Discussed:
    • Install a center refuge island
    • Double mounting of beacons & signs
  • DOT Response:
    • Some concerns turning movements and island; will consider further
    • Supportive of double mounting; needs Encroachment Agmt.
  • Status
    • Encroachment request in process for signs & beacons
  • Continue to discuss and work with DOT on the island

    South Lake Park Blvd.

  • Proposed/Discussed:
    • Remove existing parking on the west side of LPB/install bike-ped. path
  • Response
    • Removing spaces is fine – Town decision;
    • No on-street path; not opposed to bike path both sides of LPB
  • Status: Under consideration

Dow Rd. & Harper Ave

  • Proposed/Discussed:
    • Install a center refuge island
    • Double mounting of beacons & signs
  • DOT Response:
    • Will consider further
    • Supportive of double mounting; needs Encroachment Agmt.
  • Status: Encroachment request in process for beacons & signs

Lake Park Blvd. & Cape Fear Blvd.

  • Proposed/Discussed:
    • Possible Solutions to Safety Concerns at this location:
      • A multi-directional striped crosswalk with an all-red intersection?
      • Line of Sight Obstructions: Can pedestrian button bollard be relocated? Existing Pedestrian Crosswalk Improvements
      • Safety and Lighting
      • Reverse signs, rapid flashing beacons on the back side of poles?
      • Pedestrian activated illumination of crosswalks?
      • Innovative crosswalk painting schemes?
    • Traffic Calming:
      • Receptive to speed humps?
      • Raised crosswalks an option?
      • Street Narrowing, striping, for 25mph? • Collapsible bollards in between lanes, at crosswalks?
      • Refuge islands at major crosswalks?
      • Discussion of Stoplight/Crosswalk at Hamlet & Lake Park
      • Follow up Request for Crosswalk at Winner Ave. & Lake Park
    • Existing NCDOT Infrastructure Inquiries
      • Street Striping: Lake Park & intersections repainted?
      • Mast-arms instead of overhanging wire-based street lights
      • Bike Lane Visibility: Allow green striped bike lanes?
      • Speed Limit signs painted onto the street?
    • Town Requests
      • Removable solar-powered speed feedback signs near Food Lion?
      • Weather station on Snow’s Cut Bridge?
      • Cameras: Install a tsunami camera on the south side of the bridge? A camera on mast arm at the intersection of Lake Park & Access Rd. (Food Lion)
    • DOT Response: Awaiting written responses; generally open to ideas; will consult with various divisions/departments and provide responses

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