Great Pyrenees named ‘Holly’ is on the move in Carolina Beach

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Missing dog on the move in Carolina Beach (Photo: Kate Cornell)

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — You may have heard about or even spotted a lost pup who went missing about three weeks ago in Carolina Beach. Her name is Holly.

Holly is a one and a half year old Great Pyrenees, about 65 lbs.

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She was raised on a farm to protect small animals. Wayne Rouse is now her owner.

About three weeks ago, she went missing.

“A door was open coming in from outside and she just found a way to get through and essentially she took off,” Rouse said.

Rouse explained that although Holly is mild and sweet, she was trained to be a working dog, not a snuggle buddy.

“She’s out patrolling this island I guess she’s looking for her job, whatever she thinks her job is,” Rouse added.

Rouse said that probably means she is looking out for small animals that are vulnerable.

Despite Holly’s temporary absence, there has been one good thing to come from all of this. The search has brought the Carolina Beach community together.

“The help from those people has been phenomenal,” Lynne Barbee, a volunteer said. “The outpouring of support from them but also out looking for Holly. We’ve had everything from drone pilots volunteer to just mom coming home from the grocery store making an extra lap around town.”

“Frankly it’s humbling to see how all of the people help,” Rouse said. “I typically on the side am known as a person who advocates and does a lot of rescue work and fundraising, this whole community has come together and interestingly a lot of people I didn’t know.”

Rouse and other volunteers think that she may have been spotted on Dow Rd. a few times near Good Hops Brewery.

The best thing that the community can do for Holly is to drive slowly around Carolina Beach because he is confident that she is out there.

If you think you may have seen Holly, Wayne asks that you do not approach her but call him at (919) 616-0682.

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