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Podcast June 17 – Unlucky in Carolina Beach, making noise downtown, school allegationsCarolina…

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We start this week with a contentious series of events in Carolina Beach. Rumors had circulated for some time that Lucky Narain, who became the town’s new manager six months ago, had clashed with some town employees.

Last weekend, the town’s Police Advisory Committee (PAC) penned a letter to the town council, leveling several allegations against Narain, including that he lied to a candidate during the hiring process for the police department.  The PAC also alleged that Narain forced the entire department on a ‘PT’ run, after telling officers not to talk to the PAC.

Narain’s response to these accusations only seemed to further increase discontent and, one day later, town council voted to end his contract.

We get into how we got this point, and what’s next for the town.

Next up, two stories from last week that are still reverberating — especially in downtown Wilmington. First, while many people are pleased that Wilmington is overhauling its confusing noise ordinance, many are concerned that the new laws will impact bars, restaurants, and music venues negatively.

Second, more information about WDI’s decision not to serve local beer at its downtown concert series. The non-profit, which received taxpayer money, also gets money from a special tax levied on downtown business — including several downtown breweries. Now, it seems WDI may have solicited additional donations as an incentive to change its mind about serving local beer.

Lastly, two law enforcement stories. At the Wilmington Police Department, detectives have made an arrest in a 23-year-old rape case. Since 1996, DNA evidence from the rape case has sat, untested, in an evidence room. So what took so long? We explain how the laws have changed — and what’s next for the case.

And, at the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office (NHCSO), members of the group of concerned citizens has taken allegations against the county’s school district to law enforcement. The Southern Coalition for Equal Protection Under the Law (SCEPUL), including members Clyde Edgerton, a UNCW professor, and Reverend Dante Murphy, who heads the Pender County NAACP, have been meeting since last summer to discuss a number of allegations, some criminal, some ethical, and others that fall under an administrative failure to follow federal guidelines like those established by Title IX.

We get into what those allegations are, and what exactly it means that NHCSO is investigating.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up below. Then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

Carolina Beach votes to terminate Town Manager Lucky Narain’s contract after controversy

Carolina Beach committee alleges town manager lied to police candidate, forced officers on PT run

Town Manager responds to police advisory committee complaints, claims police department is ‘paramilitary’ group

WDI adjusts to new Downtown Sundown spot, committee opts to not serve local beer

Wilmington considers complete rewrite of noise code, Council worries about red tape

A rape kit sat collecting dust for over 20 years. Today, a Florida man was indicted for a 1996 Wilmington rape

New Hanover Sheriff’s Office investigating citizen group’s allegations against school administrators, principal

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