Town unites to help house fire victims have a ‘Merry Christmas’

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The Lazy Pirate hosts fundraiser for victims of house fire. (Photo: Monique Robinson/WWAY)

CAROLINA BEACH,NC (WWAY) — The town of Carolina Beach is making sure the Noonans enjoy their Christmas holiday, after the family of 5 lost their home early Tuesday in a fire.

WWQQ’s Eric Medler organized the fundraiser at the Lazy Pirate located just off of Lake Park Boulevard.

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“My friends, the Noonans, moved into their home 4 months ago and it burned down just before Christmas time,” Medler said. “These are really good friends of mine. These are people I’ve spent days and days with out on the water in the summertime and knew this is what I can do.”

20% of the checks from noon to 3 p.m. were donated to the family.

The father of the family told WWAY the family was doing well and has been donated clothing for his 3 sons. He did not want to go on camera.

“He worked his whole life like a lot of people do for a life on the beach and finally to realize that and then have this happen,” Medler said. “We’re not going to let it let them sink.”

Medler says the family has shelter during this interim of waiting for insurance, but he wanted to do more to help his friends to make sure they had a good Christmas.

“This happened earlier this week and the Pleasure Island Disaster Relief Fund donated this morning $2,600 to this family to help this cover Christmas,” Medler said.

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