Greens and black-eyed peas: People eat for well wishes in 2020

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CAROLINA BEACH (WWAY) — It’s New Year’s Day, and for a lot of families, that means cooking traditional foods, but there’s a deeper meaning behind what’s supposed to bring people good luck this new year.

Plenty of customers filled the Hoplite Irish Pub and Restaurant for a common purpose, a New Year’s Day meal.

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Employees served collards, roasted pork, cornbread, and black eyed peas.

These aren’t the only traditional New Year’s Day foods, but they do rank high on the list for good luck.

Customer Dan Griffin says he doesn’t eat them often.

He’d rather not chance his luck, so he eats these foods every New Year’s Day. He says it’s what his family taught him.

“I just don’t want to take chances. They told me it was good, so better stick with it,” Griffin said.

Mitzi Richards was visiting from Myrtle Beach and says she couldn’t miss the traditional meal either.

“I was driving around trying to find a place that would have a traditional meal, and I was like, ‘Oh an Irish Pub,’” Richards expressed.

Owner Ron Stevens says each food represents prosperity.

“Collard greens look like folded money, the beans are for the coins, and the gold is within the cornbread, and pigs are known as foragers, going forward where other foragers pull dirt towards them, they forage forward.”

Mayor LeAnn Pierce says these foods haven’t failed her yet.

“I grew up in the South, so I do believe that.”

Owner Ron Stevens says they planned on selling about 110 plates, but was almost at half that number when we checked in with him Wednesday afternoon.

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