Local responders use UV rays to clean infected gear for reuse

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This is an inside look at the UV sterilization box. (Photo: Monique Robinson/WWAY)

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — As protective supplies run low across the country, Carolina Beach’s first responders are using UV technology to sterilize their infected gear.

Carolina Beach Fire Department Captain Simon Sanders says crews are using masks every time they go on a call where they must be in contact with a patient, so they are needing to use many masks.

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Sanders says the UV sterilization box has been used to clean air systems, but not in this way. He says this new application fits this emergency.

“It could be a long term way we use to sterilize our equipment that we use on a daily basis,” Sanders said.

The town’s police department is getting one next.

“The actual waves from this light is what will disinfect and kill viruses and bacteria,” Carolina Beach Police Chief Chris Spivey said. “You’ve seen it a lot sometimes in food preparation.”

Spivey says the equipment was donated to the fire and police department by a local Micheal & Sons partner.

“Depends on how close the item is to the light,”Spivey said. “Something that is closer to the light obviously has a stronger wave that reaches the material. The further away it may take a little bit longer, but somewhere between 30 seconds to 2 mins.”

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