Trash left on beach strand over the weekend frustrates many

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Trash left on the beach over the weekend leaves many disappointed. (Photo by: Kathy Fluta / WWAY Viewer)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — At Carolina Beach, many businesses are opening again as well as hotels, and short-term rentals.

This weekend throngs of people hit the beach, leaving behind mounds of garbage, which left many unhappy beachgoers.

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Much of the trash was gone by the time WWAY’s Lakeeda Johnson stopped by, but it did not look as clean over the weekend.

With there being so many people, a local said it was not that they were using the trash cans improperly, there just was not enough of them on the beach.

“At Carolina Beach, we do have trash cans that are at all of our public beach accesses, and for the most part, people were using those adequately, but obviously due to the high demand some of those trash cans became overwhelmed,” Cape Fear Chapter, Surfrider Foundation Executive Board Member Ethan Crouch said.

Which lead many to leave their trash along the strand, but Crouch said people should think about the consequences.

“Keeping our beaches clean helps potential marine debris from entering our oceans and waterways, which can have other effects on our nature’s ecosystem,” Crouch said.

Councilman Steve Shuttleworth said the operation department picks up trash daily, sometimes twice a day; however, he encourages people to clean up after themselves in addition to crews.

“Certainly, when the trash cans overflowing, just dumping your trash next to it, is not an acceptable answer,” Shuttleworth expressed.

Visitor Ryan Edmonstone said despite all that was left behind, he is impressed with the town’s urgency to clean up.

“I’m really surprised with how quickly they’re adjusting to the new rules,” Edmonstone said. “And just how things just opened up, and they’re already on top of it.”

Councilman Shuttleworth said people should exercise the ‘pack it in, pack it out’ method.

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