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Teen’s quick actions help get grandma to safety during fire at Carolina Beach

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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — One grandma is feeling blessed on Monday, reflecting on what her grandson did for her on Saturday.

A fire broke out at Sand Pebbles Condos in Carolina Beach, where Sandy Gladden lives, on Saturday evening.

“I had my curtains open, I could see the people in B running down the thing and I was like ‘what’s going on?’ and I looked out and there was smoke pouring out of there and then I started shaking,” Gladden said.

Recently having shoulder surgery, Gladden is unable to get down the steps without help, so she quickly began to worry.

“I’m starting to get nervous,” Gladden said. “I’m like ‘what am I going to do? how am I going to get down and get out of here?’ And then all of a sudden, Beck comes in the door.”

Gladden’s 17-year-old grandson, Beck Lookingbill, had been playing soccer with friends on the beach when he saw the smoke.

“I wasn’t expecting anything like that to happen but every time I come here, even just to park, I always think of her,” Lookingbill said. “It was at the top of my head like I knew what I was going to do as soon as it happened.”

As the teenager watched the smoke billow into the sky, he only had one thing on his mind.

“I didn’t know which one it could have been,” Lookingbill said. “All I knew is where she was and I was going to get to her.”

Unaware he was close by, Gladden says she knows it wasn’t a coincidence.

“It was definitely Godsend because I don’t know how I would have gotten down by myself,” Gladden said.

As for the 17-year-old, he hopes what he did will help change the way some people view the younger generation.

“I think I did a really good thing and I hope people look at this and be like ‘okay, teenagers aren’t that bad,’” Lookingbill said.

The fire was contained to only one unit at the condominium, leaving Gladden’s home untouched.

The Carolina Beach Fire Department is still investigating the cause of the fire.

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