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Carolina Beach’s rides are up… and almost running

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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach’s amusement rides are up, but not running yet.

According to the operators, the Department of Labor is still doing their usual safety check on the rides.

They were originally supposed to open to the public on Memorial Day. Tourists at Carolina Beach tonight said they were disappointed they won’t be able to enjoy the Ferris wheel or slide yet, but hope to see them running soon.

“Yeah we are. Yes for sure,” said one visitor from Virginia. “Hoping they open up very soon so that we can ride them while we’re here.”
“They told us it was going to be set up tonight,” said another from Ohio. “And it’s our last night before we drive off in the morning. So they’re going to miss it. But that’s ok.”

Though ride owners didn’t comment before this article was written on when rides should open, men working on the rides said they should be inspected and ready to go by Tuesday.

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