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Carolina Beach investigating potential poisoning after geese become ill

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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The Town of Carolina Beach is investigating after several geese that linger around the town’s lake were getting sick.

The town shared a post on their Facebook page that said copper sulfate crystals were found on the banks of the lake, a material that the town and its landscaping crews do not use. Since the post was shared, the area has been cleaned.

Copper Sulfate Crystals found at Carolina Beach Lake (Photo: Skywatch Bird Rescue)

The post goes on to say that it is against local law to place any unauthorized substance on public property and could be subject to local, state, and federal violations.

Skywatch Bird Rescue retrieved the geese on Monday to begin rehabilitation. A spokesperson said the geese are not able to stand or walk on their own and their nervous systems are debilitated. They are not able to eat on their own so they must be fed using a tube multiple times a day in an attempt to keep their systems flushed.

So far, none of the geese have died as a result of the poisoning. If one does pass away, Skywatch will send it to the NC Veterinary Lab of Pathology for testing. In the meantime, the organization will continue treating the animals and hope they will make a full recovery.

The town is investigating to find out if the poisonings were intentional or not. For now, Skywatch is advising people to keep their animals and children away from the bank and water as a safety precaution.

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