Grand Opening: Island Burgers

Island Burgers and Bites in Carolina Beach is now open! Offering fast in and out service conveniently in the Sunoco store located at the corner of Carolina Beach Road and Carl Winner Drive.  Come try their Original Philly Cheese Steak on an Amoroso roll, toped high with thinly sliced steak along

Where to Groove the Night Away at Carolina Beach

  When visitors and residents think of Carolina Beach, they usually envision lazy days spent lounging on the sand, afternoons surfing the waves and sunsets watched from the bow of a boat. While Carolina Beach is known for its laidback and down-to-earth vibe, it has a fun-loving and free-spirited side, too! Here’s

Top Ideas for Summer Fun in Carolina Beach

We've rounded up a few of summer's most colorful activities, events and can't miss experiences to help make your family's getaway to Carolina Beach the best yet. With so many things to see and do, don't just choose one! "Sunrise. Sun(fun). Sunset. Repeat." Spend the morning fishing, then enjoy a bite and

Experience a Unique and Fun Eco-Adventure!

  Whether you are a champion of sustainability or just want to gain a better appreciation of the environment, travel is a great outlet for it. From decreasing your carbon footprint to uncovering natural wonders, here are ways to take part in sustainable tourism and eco-adventure at Carolina Beach. Green Living It’s easy

What’s New at Carolina Beach in 2018

Here at Carolina Beach, we’re ready for an exciting year full of activities. With new restaurants, hotel renovations, outdoor activities and more, this classic beach town is the ultimate coastal destination. Whether you’ve been coming here for years or are planning your first trip, we’ve got what you have to

How to Find Fantastic Fishing at Carolina Beach

While many beachgoers routinely plan a fishing trip as part of their vacation fun, others may not even know where to begin learning about the sport of fishing. Those who try it can become hooked on fishing for a lifetime, perhaps even making plans to retire or move to the